by Filthy Lucre

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Sekator I don't usually listen to "Dark, dirty, fuzz-fueled riff-rock", but when I do, it's bloody gonna be Filthy Lucre.

Like a groovier offshoot of QOTSA, but with better vocals, these guys deliver the goods.

Essential for every rocker out there. Favorite track: Devil Man.
PhoenixRisen thumbnail
PhoenixRisen Dirty blues rock from Down Under. Strange origins, but they know how to groove for sure. Favorite track: Boundless Plains.
Stef Dee
Stef Dee thumbnail
Stef Dee Really cool album, with GREAT production indeed. But what will blow your mind is watching those dudes play! Holy s*it! \m/ Favorite track: Devil Man.
James Matthews
James Matthews thumbnail
James Matthews 'Reel you in from four streets away?' This album has reeled me in from half a world away. Excellent vocals and fuzzy blues-licked riffs make for a simply amazing album. MUST BUY Favorite track: Boundless Plains.
AnnaTi thumbnail
AnnaTi Just take my money...take it all! World Corp is sensational. One of the most anticipated albums of the year has blown all expectations. Sensational.
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Dark, dirty, fuzz-fueled riff-rock with just enough of the blues to get you movin’ and grooving’

ADELAIDE - Album launch party tickets are available via moshtix for Saturday 30th January at Jive, 181 Hindley Street, Adelaide.
Follow this link to purchase discounted tickets and album + ticket bundles:


released January 30, 2016

Produced by Sylvia Massy.
Recorded and mixed at Foundation Soundstage Studio, Ashland, Oregon U.S.A by Sylvia Massy and Ian Rickard.
Engineered by Ian Rickard.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California, U.S.A.

Illustration and Artwork by Muhamad Lukmanul Hakim.

All Recordings Copyright 2015 Filthy Lucre. Cover Artwork Copyright Filthy Lucre. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Filthy Lucre Adelaide, Australia

Raw and powerful rock n roll blended with sweet traditional delta blues licks and tricks - Filthy Lucre are a dual powerhouse of sound that will reel you in from four streets away.

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Track Name: Dover Street
What you want, yeah I don’t understand
Got a jug of whiskey, let’s drink it down
You used to hit it hard but now you’re layin’ around
Rile you up, take you down

Don’t you tell me what I’m not supposed to do
Have another drink, or maybe two
I wanna show you how but I’m not the one
Drink all night, see the sun

Hey - don’t think you’re tryin’
Yeah - do you think I’m lyin’
You don’t wanna come along
And I don’t wanna be your dog

Well I gotta come around I can’t stand it no more
Turn the music up and baby lock the door
Smash a few bottles on the kitchen floor
I gotta come around tonight

Fourteen days by my brother’s side
Drinkin’ lots of rum will make me feel alright
Tell me a little more of what it’s like
To be free
Track Name: World Corp
I got told by the man in black
To keep my eyes on the road, my foot on the gas
I don’t know nothing – that’s what I’ll say
When they come around askin’ what went on that day

Can’t lock me up
Can’t stop me now I’ve been running far too long
I’m packin’ up
I’ve run amok in this city far too long

Incriminating files on a floppy disc
I got my face drawn up on the wanted list
They don’t know nothing
Yeah that’s what they say when they come around askin’ what went on that day
Track Name: Devil Man
Oh girl try to talk to me but something just get in the way
My mind’s on a ball and chain no I hardly even know my name
Oh this man got a grip on my soul no he just won’t give me a chance
That devil keep hangin’ around, got me spinning out in a trance

The devil man don’t wanna let go
I gotta get in my car and drive
The devil man ain’t gonna let go
I gotta let it all out tonight

Oh somebody crossed the line I gotta get myself back on track
Man sitting on my shoulder says he’s never gonna hold back
Oh you bring me to my knees and my face in the palm of my hands
This is what you do to a man but you just couldn’t give a damn
Track Name: Hand Made [Part 1]
Saved my money for the harder days
I spent it all on my wicked ways
Lord give me something to put my mind at ease
I grabbed a bottle of that Tennessee

Walked down to the field at morn’
Bust the hinges off that old door
Smoke stack square bottle of rust
Cigar box and a whole lotta dust
Track Name: Hand Made [Part 2]
One path to follow, one road to take
One thing in my possession and one day
Called up an old friend, said it’s been too long
Wise man left something in my name – and he said

It’s hand made, from your harder days
Man-made, from your wicked ways

I gotta get out of these concrete walls
I’ve got to free my mind, and my soul
Put on my old clothes, and untie my hands
Gotta meet my friend in the city
Who says he’s got a plan that’s hand made
Track Name: Broke Bottle Blues
Wake up at quarter to five I’ve got mud on my shoes
Lay down in the gutter with my broke bottle blues
Then I get up in morning with the sun on my back
Think about you darling and I come crawling back

Shouting out your name in the dark when I’ve got some
Broke bottle
Screaming it out ‘cos I just can’t stand
Broke bottle blues

The dogs come running when I’m all alone
They’ve been sniffing me out yeah since I’ve been gone
Lay awake at night just staring into the sky
Take another swig and I wonder am I living a lie
Track Name: Boundless Plains
Run out the back door – just keep on running
Turn the corner, and don’t look back
The boundless plains, land of the free
Completely blind to the hypocrisy

One nation rules all lives
And try to cover our eyes
Poison the mind with lies
One nation’s own

Out on the oceans lost in the sea
Out in the desert on bended knee
Put down the spade, take off your masks
You’ve lost your way you’ve got to give it back now

You’re stuck feeding murderers plans
Eyes closed from your political stance
But you’ve got their blood on your hands
More blood spread across their lands
Track Name: Moonshine
I’m comin’ around just to waste my time
I’m sitting down ‘cos I’ve lost my mind
Just give me a call on the moonshine
Just give me a call

Don’t tell me what to do with my money
Don’t tell me what to do with my time
I’ve got a bottle just for myself
Make it last for a while

I’m strumming aloud just to rattle my cage
If Tom Waits taught me somethin’ it’s to bottle my rage
Take it out at night and drink it under the sky
Gonna break that bottle baby don’t ask why
Track Name: Take It Slow
Take it slow tonight, my mind’s still shaken
Don’t feel anything at all
Pass the pulling tide, whatever it’s worth
You’ve fallen for somebody

Taking it slow tonight
Don’t break down
Cold sweat at night
We’re taking it slow tonight

Take all your money, down that hill
Can’t buy your way out of this
Take that forty-five, and don’t look back
Your train’s coming soon enough
Track Name: Feelin' Down
You said you’re going away
Said you’re leaving town
I ain’t got no company
Don’t even know how

Got yourself a man, got another job
I got a stick, I got a dog
That’s all I need when I’m feelin’ down

She took all I got
Y’know she took it away
I’m heading back to my old friend
I got a place to stay

What’s yours is yours
What’s mine is too
Knew from the start, you weren’t true
And once again – babe I’ve got them blues
Track Name: Gotta Live
Now you know I gotta live
Girl you know I gotta try

I’m livin’ on the back of a run-in
I’ve got you just where I want
One shot and I’m waiting for the feeling
Look around just to see what I’ve got

Keep moving with my eyes half-shot
Keep running just to know it won’t stop
Got my ear to the ground at the railway
Hear the thunder that’s rolling on by
Track Name: Just A Little
I feel, just a little bit
Like I’m stuck going round and round
I think, just a little bit
Not enough to stop me getting out
I’m sick, yeah I’m sick of it
Sick of working just to work it all out
You need, just a little bit
A little more from me every last time

Why don’t you look around
Just a little bit
Before you hit the ground
Just a little bit – before we work it all out

I smoke, just a little bit
Not enough to keep you out of my brain
I drink, just a little bit
Not enough to stop me going insane
You talk, just a little bit
Not enough to let the truth come out
I’ve had, just enough of it
Reality is making up my mind